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"Lighthouse East at the List Elbow"

Acryl on canvas

70 x 70 cm




The Sylt vacation also includes a walk around the northern tip - "Elbow" - the island, which is also the northernmost part of Germany. From here you can already see Denmark and watch the departure and arrival of the ferries to Römö.

The iron groyne remnants bizarrely stretch their teeth out of the water. Or just what is left of them. One thinks to recognize strange forms. The dune landscape is also beautiful here and the lighthouse is visible from afar.

With a little luck, one or the other seal will rest here, which - with the necessary distance - can be observed.

In winter you can walk here pretty much by yourself ... you can relax and enjoy the wind and waves to the fullest.


And if you are very lucky, then ..... yes you will also find a seal feather!

© Michael Stricker (c) 2020