"Calm lake at the Lister elbow"

Oil on canvas

50 x 70 cm



It was last Friday that I wanted to use the somewhat changeable weather again for a short walk on the beach at the northernmost point of Germany. The Lister Elbow is the part of Sylt that many (unconsciously) know as the upper horizontal arm on the striking Sylt sticker or the Sylt silhouette. A wonderful place. When I go from the northernmost parking lot in Germany to the beach via the rather low dunes here, a wonderful, almost white sandy beach with a decent surf awaits me. On the left, i.e. to the northwest, you can see Germany's northernmost (of course!) Lighthouse. Very quickly I'm just with myself and I enjoy the monotonous sound of the sea and the recurring surf. After a few hundred meters I come to a cordoned off part of the elbow. This is the northern tip and this is reserved for resting seals and separated from the visitor. And indeed: I can see seals swimming there, curiously swimming back and forth over and over again. A very nice haunting experience. And then I follow the beach, which naturally makes a bend to the right, i.e. to the southwest. And no sooner have I left the top ...... there is silence. Only a gentle splashing of the gentle and flat waves here. What a change! And this is exactly where the picture shows. It was my goal to show this peaceful calm in the picture as well. And I think I managed to do this quite well ...