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"Weather change in Wenningstedt"

Oil on canvas

50 x 70 cm


The weather on a North Sea island can change from bright sunshine to heavy rain showers from one second to the other, and of course vice versa. How did the "native", an elderly lady, say when a fantastic rainbow could be observed over the sea in the morning: The weather is going to be bad! And she was right, albeit with a - for me very positive - delay of a week! In the end, it stayed nice the whole week that I was on Sylt this year. It was only on the day of departure that there was continuous rain. And then I didn't really care .....


"Calm lake at the Lister elbow"

Oil on canvas

50 x 70 cm



It was last Friday that I wanted to use the somewhat changeable weather again for a short walk on the beach at the northernmost point of Germany. The Lister Elbow is the part of Sylt that many (unconsciously) know as the upper horizontal arm on the striking Sylt sticker or the Sylt silhouette. A wonderful place. When I go from the northernmost parking lot in Germany to the beach via the rather low dunes here, a wonderful, almost white sandy beach with a decent surf awaits me. On the left, i.e. to the northwest, you can see Germany's northernmost (of course!) Lighthouse. Very quickly I'm just with myself and I enjoy the monotonous sound of the sea and the recurring surf. After a few hundred meters I come to a cordoned off part of the elbow. This is the northern tip and this is reserved for resting seals and separated from the visitor. And indeed: I can see seals swimming there, curiously swimming back and forth over and over again. A very nice haunting experience. And then I follow the beach, which naturally makes a bend to the right, i.e. to the southwest. And no sooner have I left the top ...... there is silence. Only a gentle splashing of the gentle and flat waves here. What a change! And this is exactly where the picture shows. It was my goal to show this peaceful calm in the picture as well. And I think I managed to do this quite well ...


Red cliff near Kampen


Acrylic on canvas

30 x 100 cm


This wonderful, almost infinite expanse - that is probably what inspires most people so much about the beaches on Sylt. Between Westerland and Wenningstedt it is sometimes a little livelier, but there is enough space and I think you could move around here in a 100% protected pandemic-compliant manner.

If you are then at the height of Kampen and take a look to the south, you can enjoy this wonderful view along the Red Cliff. On a clear day even as far as Westerland.



Oil on canvas

80 x 120 cm



The picture was taken during the annual painting week of the `painters of the barracks´ in the Naturfreundehaus (Sechselberg near Backnang). Of course, you don't see at first glance how much effort and work has gone into a picture. One can only guess. Subjectively, this painting was one of my most elaborate works to date. Color gradients, transitions ..... there are so many areas that I was always not satisfied with. But in the end I am satisfied with the result. It is bursting with dynamism and power. I would have liked the title 'Upheaval Process', but in the end it seemed to me a force of nature that was too technical in itself. The picture is a continuation of my now quite respectable series of water and wave pictures.


"Finally there..."

Gouache on paper

20 x 30 cm (30x40)



Whoever arrives on Sylt will always strive for the water immediately, even before the suitcases are unpacked. At least see the sea for a moment, hear the surf, feel the wind. That is the true luxury of life, that is caviar for the soul, champagne for the senses. Aaaaaaaah ...... here I am free, here I feel myself. I live!!! Okay, I usually do that too, but differently. I, who have only been coming here regularly for a few years, slowly understand why so many people like to come here so much. Why do so many go to the sea in the first place!

© Michael Stricker (c) 2020

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