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Seagull Jonathan
Acrylic on canvas
Triptychon 70 x 170 cm


The seagull Jonathan ..... Anyone who knows the story of this seagull knows how it thirsts for pure life and does things that no seagull has ever done before. But you don't have to have read this book worth reading to know how much we humans suffer from the consequences of this strange virus COVID-19. 
How we longingly wish the end of the pandemic! I would like to be free again, virtually outlawed! I want to be able to move freely again, want to be able to go wherever I like. And I want to be able to decide for myself again when to be home and not at 8 p.m.! This was last prescribed to me by my parents when I was at primary school - now the state does it. Even if for the good of all of us! I want to be able to "breathe deeply" again! And I want to be able to meet conspecifics again! Like that seagull. She flies straight back to her own kind and has a chat there. I want that again - completely at ease and without this mask in front of the face ...... Hach ....... The idea for this triptych is not only due to this pandemic. I was inspired by a painting by the Munich artist Ludwig Arnold. In 1982 he painted a picture
entitled "Airplane with Wings", which simply fascinated me. It was not so much the technique as the presentation. He distributed his airplane on 4
canvases and, like in my picture, distributed the wing tips on 2 small landscape formats on the left and right. I will publish a little cartoon here soon, on which you can see what Jonathan is up to ...




Digital with pencil on iPad

without size



Schon erstaunlich, was die Technik heute alles für uns bereithält. Mit dem iPad Pro 12,9" und dem entsprechenden Stift ausgerüstet kann man in Apps wie ArtStudio oder Procreate malen und zeichnen fast wie in "echt". Dieser Stift lässt mich z.B. den Druck verstärken oder eben auch abschwächen als führte ich den Bleistift tatsächlich übers Papier. 


"Bresse Chickens in front of the House"

Acrylic on canvas

30 x 20 cm



Chickens with a red comb, white plumage and - attention! - blue feet. The colors of the tricolor. And uniquely strong thighs that form the basis for one of my favorite dishes for a reason: chicken de bresse with Vin Jane sauce and morels, ie "blue footed chickens" on a cream sauce of yellow Jura wine and morels. For this alone, every trip to this part of Burgundy, which is rather unknown in Germany, is worthwhile.

© Michael Stricker (c) 2020