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"Young woman expects the thunderstorm"

Oil on HDF

63 x 41.5 cm



I am passionate about playing Scrabble. For a long time. For a few years now also online. And here I started a conversation with a young woman about painting and one day I asked her if she could imagine "sitting" as a model for me. In this case not en nature, but in the form of a naked rear view, which I then wanted to use as a template for the above picture. At some point she agreed and so this picture could arise. The original idea was actually to paint her as if she wanted to go into the sea during a thunderstorm. A camping guest, who watched me painting and in the evening pondered the picture with me by the campfire, then had the idea that a sea of ​​flowers was also a sea and that the picture would take on a completely different character. So I rescheduled and the result was a colorful but somber picture.

The motif of the young woman who goes into the water during a thunderstorm is stored in my head and will follow at some point.


"Sand in a bikini"

Gouache on paper

20 x 30 cm (30x40)



The picture shows the small sandy beach at our campsite at Hammerschmiedesee. Naturally, this is primarily used by children. This scene also shows children who are about to go into shallow water. A scene that didn't really exist. But the beach alone was just too boring for me and so I just painted the children in retrospect.


"Mamsel in the dunes"

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 70 cm



Since 2018 I have been on Sylt for a few days at the beginning of the year.
One day, as part of an extended walk along the beach and dunes, I was surprised by a plump lady in a sparse swimsuit, who sat and sunbathed on the beach grass in the freezing cold wind and seasonal winter temperatures. How can you? Quite simply: by not being made of flesh and blood, but by having a concrete body. It was a deceptively real and life-size sculpture by the artist Christel Lechner. She has created wonderful figures in wonderful real everyday situations, which always conjure up a broad grin on the viewer's surprised face! Wonderful! So it quickly became clear. that I absolutely had to paint this thick mamsel, of course not without a corresponding wink ... And I think this will not be Christel Lechner's only motif that finds its way onto my canvas !!! You are just too funny !!! And soooooo nice !!!!!


"The cellist"

Acrylic on canvas

70 x 30 cm



Have you ever heard a concert with pieces by Edward Elgar? It may take a little while for the artist I pictured to reach the Jaqueline du Awards class, but she's working on it! And it gets better and better !!!


Street scene in Havana

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 70 cm



It was probably in 2008 when my daughter was in Cuba. She brought many photos with her. But there was one thing she liked so much that at some point she asked her father to paint it occasionally. The picture shows a typical street scene in Cuba, in this case in the southern Cuban city of Trinidad. It was almost the calm before the storm, because the following day a pretty violent storm broke out, which unfortunately also put an end to the daughter's tour plans.
It is not so natural for daughters to ask for something like this. And I have never "pushed" onto someone with pictures of me ....... So one day I got to work, but it just didn't and didn't want to succeed. The colors were too pale, the mood was not the one in the photo. I've never been to this island, I know other parts of the Caribbean, but I don't know Cuba. Maybe that's why I couldn't find an entrance. Year after year went by and my daughter got everything from her loving father, but not the picture. Perhaps she had long forgotten it when I asked for the photo again last summer and asked her to send it to me briefly online. I suddenly had an inspiration and, above all, an incredible desire to paint it. Suddenly the colors were there! And finally the Caribbean atmosphere was there that I was looking for so long .......

Now it hangs in the living room of my daughter and her partner. And I think she loves it! And I love my daughter !!!

© Michael Stricker (c) 2020