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Oil on canvas

50 x 70 cm



An early picture with which I have a very special memory.
If you paint like this in front of nature ("en plein air"), then it may be that several hours may pass before you are done. That you stand or sit in the same place for several hours. You are the center yourself and everything else moves around you. Usually it's more like moving through the landscape yourself. This fact would not be so remarkable. But when I stood there and painted two very surprising things happened to me: Firstly, part of the meadow in front of me had been mowed and I hadn't really noticed the process as such. On the other hand, I saw how suddenly a bird fell dead from the tree! I had never thought about where and how birds die before ... Now I know.


"Lavender field near Ferrassières"

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 70 cm



You have to visit Provence in July if you want to experience the lavender. This magical spook begins in early July and the fields begin to bloom in this wonderful lavender tone. It is the time of the sun-hat-reinforced women who picturesque crouch in the middle of the long rows in order to be photographed in various poses by the husband or loved one, in any case a male being with a camera. That alone would be a motive that would be pure pleasure to paint. In many fields around Salut there are old stone huts, which are called "Boris" here. They still served and still serve as a shelter from the rain and relentless sun. Anyone who is on the road here in July will be flooded in all senses: Everywhere it smells of lavender and the bees hum that it is a pleasure. If you also have trees nearby, thousands of cicadas can sometimes be felt in the canon. I then lie down on a blanket, cross my arms and listen and breathe and listen and breathe. And at some point I set up my easel and start painting. Then I'm rich. Really rich ..... just wonderful!


"Les Dentelles de Montmirail"

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 70 cm



"Raising fog on the Neckar"

70 x 90 cm

Acrylic on canvas



The Neckar is a river in Swabian. In a way it is "sacred" to the Swabians. Navigable from Stuttgart-Wangen, where I was born, it winds through Heilbronn to Heidelberg through green meadows and along many steep vineyards. For once, this picture was not created from my own photo template, but from a photo that I accidentally found on the Internet and whose sight immediately fascinated me. It shows the Neckar near Marbach, the birthplace of Friedrich Schiller. Here is also home to the German Literary Archives. On the Neckar it is wonderful to cycle and come through some pretty (and picturesque!) Towns such as Rottweil, Tübingen, Lauffen and also Heilbronn and the world famous and so much visited Heidelberg. And by the way, you can experience a lot of culture and above all the Swabian cosiness! Perhaps a "red" snack in between, ideally a Swabian roast roast with a quarter of a Trollinger in one of the many broom restaurants - then this is refreshment for the soul .......



"At Tournissan"


30 x 40 cm



This watercolor was created during a 1,300 km bike trip with our tandem, including trailer, tent and kitchen. A break was not always right for everyone involved, but one or the other artistic memory had to arise somehow and somewhere. This spot was one of the pleasant places. The avenue provided plenty of soothing shade in the relentless midday sun in Languedoc. I think you can guess the shimmering air and if you "listen" into the picture, you can hear the cicadas' canon!


© Michael Stricker (c) 2020

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