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"Cliff near Morsum"

Gouache on paper

20 x 30 cm (30x40)



Who does not know the Sylt will hardly believe that this landscape exists here on the island. These colorful rocks, the lush green corresponding to the calm Wadden Sea is simply fascinating! And of course a "must" for a painter. Nothing and everything has to be possible, but this has to .....
This time it was very, very humid and muddy, also due to the sudden rain falling just before. Nevertheless, I chose the lower path along the mudflats and not like last up on the cliff. But then I should have to turn back at one point ...... It's a shame. But the slippery silt up to the edge of the cliff was impassable - especially without rubber boots. Before that, a lady had already lay down for a long time in a tricky place ...... and of course was very annoyed about it. Her partner had hurried ahead and was unable to intervene at the crucial moment. What would the girls be without us men ........


"Beach at Wenningstedt"

Oil on canvas

40 x 100 cm



This year, due to the pandemic, we did not go to the island of Sylt in January, as usual, but in October. Something completely different. Much more people, but also a completely different light. Just like this island: In every corner something new, in every corner an even more beautiful motif than the one before .....


"Poppy Field"

Acrylic on canvas

100 cm x 240 cm


An order picture. And what a huge respect I had for this unbelievably large screen even before I actually started work ....... But one thing at a time.
My brother asked if I could imagine reproducing a certain painting that he and his partner had seen in a gallery some time ago. Of course I felt honored and also a little belly-brushed! When I saw a photo, I was quite confident that I could actually do it. On the other hand, however, I made it clear that I was not a copyist and that I wanted to paint the picture in my own style regardless of the motif. He gave me a free hand, but I should see to it that the character of the picture was retained to some extent.

I'll be brief: The new owners were delighted with the result and the picture now adorns the staircase of the house in a prominent place. So my brother and his partner enjoy it whenever they leave the house! And so it pleases me too! This is how it should be!



"Lavender field near Ferrassières"

Gouache on paper

20 x 30 cm (30x40)



The 83,748. painted lavender field ;-) But just beautiful. And I will paint lavender over and over again ......


"Walk on the Beach"

Gouache on paper

20 x 30 cm (30x40)



Nowhere do I go for such extensive walks as here on the beaches of Sylt. Walking, not hiking or even playing around. To feel the slowness of being, all alone with yourself, alone with your very own thoughts, uninfluenced by others. Here you can stroll for hours along this infinitely long and lavishly wide strip of sand. Look after the spray balls in the wind, watch how the constant wind plays with them, drives them this way and that and in the end blows them into a thousand small pieces. Spray, this conglomerate of water, salt, sand and air! Here I become a playful child, here I let myself go. Without a goal. Just strolling for the sake of strolling ......

© Michael Stricker (c) 2020

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